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School Hostels

The School and Hostels project

The Thame School was severely damaged during the earthquakes. With the help of Himalayan Trust, two separate building with six earthquake resistant classrooms were built in 2017.

During the community-wide consultation with Thame Valley stakeholders held by TSHF in August 2015, the school was identified as a priority project for reconstruction, with the addition for new facilities such as a dormitory. The School representatives submitted letters of request for the school and dormitory to be included among TSHF’s projects. Further, it was requested that the school complex be augmented through the addition of a dormitory for boarding students and ancillary facilities such as a kitchen and indoor hall. It is believed that this addition of hostel facility for the distant students will help to stop the local students from out-migrating.

In collaboration with technical experts and Thame Valley community members, TSHF has produced an architectural design with earthquake resistant techniques for the Thame School Hostel.

The Project is supported by Thame Sherpa Heritage Fund and American Himalayan Foundation. Implemented by Himalayan Trust Nepal.