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Namche Dental Clinic

Namche Dental Clinic is located in ward 5 of Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality (KPLRM). It is the only dental care facility established in the Khumbu region. The clinic was built with the funding support of American Himalayan Foundation (AHF) in 1991 with goal to provide preventive and curative dental services in the Khumbu region. The dental clinic has been providing basic and fundamental dental care services in the region since 1991. Apart from the tooth scaling, extraction and hygiene services, it also provides dental education and awareness service to educate local children about preventive dental care. The salary of the Dentist and Office Assistant including medicine and operation of the clinic has been made possible with the generous and continuous financial support of Richard Blum and AHF. Since 2019, the clinic is managed by Himalayan Trust Nepal in close coordination and collaboration with Namche Dental Clinic Operation Committee.

Dental Services
Patient visiting in the clinic includes local people, children, trekking porters, guides and foreign visitor including tourists, mountaineers. Clinic serves all over Khumbu and low lands, as far as three to four days walk from Namche. The main inhabitants in the Khumbu region are Sherpas, followed by Rai, Magar, Dalits and other minorities. The number of various government and non-governmental offices are located in Namche Bazar. The staff of these organizations are beneficiaries of the clinic.