Kunde Hospital Rebuild

Established in 1966 by Sir Edmund Hillary, Kunde hospital has been providing primary health care services to local Sherpa residents of Khumbu and a transient population consisting of trekkers and their support staffs visiting the Region. The hospital is registered under Himalayan Trust Nepal (a local NGO registered in Solukhumbu district) and has been fully funded by the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation of Canada (SEHF) since 1976.

The four blocks at Kunde hospital suffered major physical damages due to the catastrophic earthquake of 25th April 2015. The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation of Canada has been funding the rebuilding of main hospital block (block no. 2) and a 15-bedded patient’s long stay ward (block no. 4). Messner Mountain Foundation and Nepalhilfe Tirol jointly funded the rebuilding of block 1 (conference hall) and block 3 (staff quarter) of Kunde hospital. Most of the reconstruction work at Kunde hospital has been completed.  

 Zeke O’Connor Beyul Garden

On the occasion of 50th Anniversary of Kunde Hospital, a garden was built in the forested land behind Kunde hospital. The garden was named as “Zeke O’Connor Beyul Garden” in honor of Mr. Zeke O’Connor, founder of the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation of Canada that has been supporting Kunde hospital for the more than 40 years. Mr. Zeke O’Connor inaugurated the garden on the 29th of May 2016.  The garden is a very good blend of forested areas, trails, and various cultural artifacts. The rehabilitation garden provides patients and families with a tranquil and spiritual environment to help with healing.