The Himalayan Trust Nepal had a busiest year in 2016

Most of the school remains closed in Solukhumbu for the winter holiday from end of December to 1st week of February.

It is the time for the trainers and district coordinator for preparation of in-school year long support planning and put in order the learning materials in coordination with Himalayan Trust Nepal Board and its purchasing committee. Learning materials are delivered to 60 schools supported by the Himalayan Trust Nepal in Solukhumbu

Teacher material hand over program to the schools through District Education Officer (DEO)

To start the first phase school rebuilding program in Solu region, a well experienced young Project Manager was appointed by the Himalayan Trust Nepal in January followed by one senior field supervisor and 6 site overseers for successful implementation of the school rebuilding program for 2016 and 2017


HTN meeting on 11th January 2016

This meeting is generally organized to commemorate the death anniversary of Burrah Sahib, Sir Edmund Hillary. In general, discussion and interaction were focused on the ongoing projects between allHTN members.

The Himalayan Trust Executive Committee decided to form Kunde Hospital Advisory Committee under the initiative of HTN member Pasang Tshering Sherpa of Kunde village. It was also decided to form a five member local Advisory Committee to support and guide Kunde Hospital with regards to preparation of 50th anniversary of Kunde Hospital and construction of helipad and Zeke O’ Connor garden at Kunde Hospital.

Responsibility were also entrusted upon the Advisory Committee of Kunde Hospital to forming Construction Committee for rebuilding of Earthquake Damaged Kunde Hospital and provided the structure design prepared by Structural Engineer, Dr. Durga Shrestha.

DPAC meeting with district government line agencies

The District Project Advisory Committee (DPAC) Meeting under chairmanship of Local Development Officer (LDO) was held in Salleri Solukhumbu with other district government agencies and local stakeholders on 6th July 2016.

DPAC Meeting in Salleri CPAC meeting in Kathmandu

CPAC Meeting with central line ministries

Central Project Advisory Committee (CPAC) meeting under the chairmanship of Member Secretary of Social Welfare Council (SWC) was held on 21st July 2016 in the presence of various representatives from the central line Ministries and officials of the Himalayan Trust Nepal in Kathmandu.

Internal Monitoring and Evaluation

Himalayan Trust Nepal Committee Member’s School Visit

The Chairman of the Himalayan Trust Nepal, Ang Rita Sherpa and Treasurer Thukten Sherpa visited all 10 English medium teaching schools in Khumbu to interact with the teachers and local community for improvement of teaching quality from 9th to 17th March 2016. They visited Khunde hospital and helped to appoint a temporary staff to assign duty for construction of helipad and Zeke O’ Connor garden at Kunde hospital. They also visited Phaplu Hospital and District Health Office in Salleri.

Final evaluation of Himalayan Trust Projects from Social Welfare Council

As per tripartite project Agreement between the Himalayan Trust New Zealand, Social Welfare Council and the Himalayan Trust Nepal for 2011 to 2015 afinal evaluation was conducted in January 2016 in Solu area schools including Phaplu hospital. The evaluation team consisted of

an independent team leader, a representative from Ministry of Education and a representative from the Health Ministry along with an independent Charter Accountant and a representative from the Social Welfare Council.

Agreement with Social Welfare Council

General Agreement between the Himalayan Trust New Zealand and the Social Welfare Council has been signed on April 27th for a period of 3 years (2016 to 2019) On the basis of General Agreement a three years project agreement has been signed between the Himalayan Trust New Zealand, Social Welfare Council and Himalayan Trust Nepal (local implementing partner) in November 2016

Agreement with Social Welfare Council

The Himalayan Trust AGM held on 28thAugust with following presentation and decisions. The Himalayan Trust Nepal AGM was also attended by the Chair person of Himalayan Trust New Zealand Dr. Lynley Cook and its Board member Mr. Bob Frame.

9thAnnual General Meeting (AGM) in Nepal

In-School Support

To improve the teaching and learning situation and increase learning achievement of the English medium schools, the HTN trainers visit the school two times a year and spends at least 2 to 6 days observing the class room teaching and learning methods in each schools.

HTN trainers have explicit plan and time frame to support the teachers of each school. The trainers help the needy teachers in lesson planning, managing teaching materials, improving learning environment in the class and taking model classes. Monitoring and measurement are the most important factors to improve and assess the progress of the project.

Glimpse of Teachers and Students

Activities in 2016

Lukla children presenting their group workKhumjung School

Teacher Sonam Dolma Sherpa at Phortse School Pema chholing Ghat School students extra

Teacher Tshering Kanchhi Sherpa at Pangboche PS

HTN teacher teaching children at Namche S.  Thame teacher telling story to the children

Scholarship Interaction program 2016

The Himalayan Trust Nepal organized an interaction program between the present scholarship students and former scholars at Celebration Height in Kathmandu for HTN scholarship program update, feedback, comments and suggestions. The program was attended by HTN Board Members and HTNZ members and distinguished guests from Solukhumbu on 24th December 2016

REDSS Project of the Himalayan Trust Nepal

As per Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Himalayan Trust Nepal and the Department of Education, the Himalayan Trust Nepal is rebuilding 15 earthquake damaged Solukhumbu schools in two phases with the support of Himalayan Trust New Zealand, Himalayan Trust UK, Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation Canada, Grand Circle Foundation Boston, The Greater Himalayas Foundation, Association VentusSpei-Zurich, BergretterHelfen IM Himalaya – Austria and Ballarat Grammar Secondary School, Melbourne.

School blocks built in 2016

1: JalajagritiSecondary School, Salleri

2: Pike Secondary School, Loding

3: JwalamaiBasic School, Tamakhani

4: Beni Basic School, Beni

5: Junbesi Secondary School, Junbesi

6: Lumukarma Basic School, Lumukarma

7: Goli Basic School, Goli Gepchuka





School blocks to be rebuilt in 2017

1: Khumjung Secondary School, Khumjung

2: Thame Basic School, Thame

3: Phortse Basic School, Phortse

4: MonjoBasic School, Monjo

5: BupsaBasic School, Buksa

6: DudhkoshiBasic School, Bumburi

7: BuddibikashBasic School, Solaban

8: Pelmang Basic School, Pelmang

An Annual Review and Learning Workshop was held on 20 Nov 2016 (Sunday) for Rebuild Earthquake Damaged Solukhumbu Schools (REDSS) Project for year 1-2016 to share the progresses, challenges and lessons

Himalayan Trust Team photo shoot at the end of session


Kunde Hospital 50th Anniversary Celebration

It has been 50 years since Sir Edmund Hillary established Kunde Hospital to provide primary healthcare services to the Sherpas of Khumbu Region. A special event was organized to celebrate the 50years of service that Kunde Hospital has been providing in the Region. The event was attended by several hundreds of people including ex-doctors; guests from Canada, New Zealand and Europe; representatives of government and non-government organizations; and local communities.

The one-day event started with a trek up to the Hillary View Point and a memorial service at Hillary Memorial in the morning. The official event was inaugurated by the event Chair, Dr. John Mackinnon (the first Doctor of Kunde Hospital). Dr. Kami Temba, hospital in charge welcomed everyone at the event, some ex doctors shared their experiences; and Mr. Ang Temba, Coordinator of Kunde Hospital Advisory Committee thanked everyone for their participation. Certificate of Appreciation was presented to ex-doctors and supporters during the event. Various cultural songs and dances were performed by women’s’ groups, youth groups, school students and locals in the event. Despite the bad weather, everyone enjoyed the celebration till midnight.

Zeke O’Connor, founder of SEHF inaugurating the Zeke O’ Connor Beyul Garden on 29th May 2016


Dr. John and Diane Mackinnon, first Kunde Doctor







Traditional welcome dance people enjoying Kunde hospital golden jubilee

Kunde Hospital Rebuilt

Earthquake damaged external rock wall of main block (no. 2) was demolished keeping the internal wooden structure intact. Workers laying a new foundation as the old structure have no foundation.

Completion of construction of stone masonry wall of the main block (2), in picture, back view of the main building room attached drug store/X-Ray room (green roof)

A three –layer tie beam (DPC, Sill and Lentil) has been used in the reconstructed stone masonry wall to make it earthquake resistant. Further, vertical rods of 16mm diameter have been placed at a distant of 8 feet throughout the building.

Dr. Kami thanking the reconstruction team

Phaplu Hospital

Phaplu hospital survived a devastating earthquake which came more than a year ago. Most of the buildings were damaged especially the maternity block which is already pulled down and now being rebuilt. Without proper place for the operations, procedures, laboratory services; it is difficult to deliver the services. With the support from GON, Sir Edmund Hillary–Stiftung Germany and other organizations, we were able to resumes all level of services in Phaplu Hospital.

Part of Maternity ward will be rebuilt by the Sir Edmund Hillary –Stiftung Germany in 2017. The Sir Edmund Hillary Stiftung will also build Community Centre Hall on the premises of Yuba BarsaMonjo School

Happy mother with her baby immunization program for the babies at Phaplu Hospital

The Himalayan Trust Nepal thanks the following donor Organizations, Foundations SWC and local government agencies for keeping up its health and education projects started by Sir Edmund Hillary in Solukhumbu and helping re-building of 2015 earthquake damaged Solukhumbu schools and Kunde Hospital rebuild program in Mt. Everest region.


Acknowledgements and Thanks

Social Welfare Council, Government of Nepal

Ministry of Women Children and Social Welfare

District Development Committee, District Education Office, District Administration Office and

District Health Office in Solukhumbu District

Himalayan Trust New Zealand with its major funder NZMFAT

Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation Canada

The American Himalayan Foundation

Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation –Stiftung Germany

Hillary Foundation USA

Himalayan Trust UK

Grand Circle Foundation, Boston

The Greater Himalayas FoundationUSA

The Benoit Chamoux Foundation France

NaulekhPoyan Foundation, Switzerland

Association VentusSpei- Zurich

BergretterHelfen IM Himalaya – Austria

Messner Mountain Foundation, Italy

Nepal Hilfe Tirol

Ballarat Grammar Senior School, Melbourne, Australia

Lastly, the Himalayan Trust Nepal would like to wish warm greetings to all its donors, friends and well wishers on the occasion of Happy New Year 2017


31st Dec. 2016