School-Based Teacher Training Programme is a three-year programme of Himalayan Trust Nepal initiated in 2016 with the funding from Himalayan Trust New Zealand. This programme has been launched in 11 basic-level schools of Solukhumbu (at Taksindu, Chulemu, Hewa, Phuleli, Juving, Hattemu, Dipjyoti, Kharikhola, Bumburi, Mera, and Buksa community schools). This training has been designed with a child-centred teaching method. The training has directly benefited 61 teachers (34 males and 27 females), 428 students (211 males and 217 females) and 254 parents (97 males and 157 females).

The training has been considered effective by the beneficiaries as it is different from the previous ones. This training is effective as it involves practical skills and is job-oriented. The HTN trainers work along with the respective teachers and develop child-centred teaching materials, prepare lesson plans by using local teaching materials, conduct meeting with parents and stakeholders to improve the literacy rates of children.



  • Child-centred teaching and learning strategies
  •  Develop literacy and numeracy teaching skills
  •  Guidelines and examples of the use of local resources
  •  Planning skills taught  and models developed
  •  Strategies for engaging and working with parents in the learning process