This hospital is located in Kunde village (3840m.) of Mount Everest region was built in 1966 by Sir Edmund Hillary  on the request of Khumbu Community.It is a 15 bed hospital. The hospital has expanded its services to  villages Health clinics.The Hospital and its peripheral outreach clinics are entirely funded by Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation, Canada since 1977. The hospital is under the management of  Himalayan Trust Nepal.  The hospital has the objectives of providing prompt and quality treatment to all Nepalese at free of cost and with nominal charge to foreigners. The hospital also aims to carry on an effective health promotion programme especially to the poor and under-privileged people of the area.

Its service is not only focused on treatment only but to promote preventive health programme through its periphery health clinics by health education, vaccination, family planning and maternity services.

Kunde Hospital was staffed by volunteer doctors from New Zealand and Canada from 1966 to 2001 assisted by local health workers. But from 2002, the hospital is totally staffed by local doctors and health workers.  Overseas foreign doctors having specialization can serve as volunteer for short term period with advance approval from the doctor in-charge at Kunde Hospital. But the hospital does not entertain any Elective Medical Students for their experiences.

Kunde Hospital supervises 4 periphery village health clinics. Namely Thami health clinic, Portse health clinic Pangboche and Monzo health clinic.

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